Tips for Sellers

Tips for Sellers


Selling your home in a market steep with competition can be difficult. Follow these helpful tips for sellers in any market and make your home ready to wow your potential buyers.


Properly and fully complete all required disclosure forms


Sellers are often hesitant to disclose negative information about their homes. We will sit down with you to help you complete the disclosure forms—in many cases before the house ever hits the MLS. If you get all of that taken care of before the property goes on the market, it makes the transaction much smoother and easier for you.


Make sure the house is in “tip-top” shape


First impressions are crucial. Sellers don’t have to spend a lot of money to prepare their homes. Make sure the home is sparkling clean, uncluttered, and de-personalized. Carpets should be cleaned, walls should be freshly painted, and the lawn should be nicely manicured. Buyers usually know if they like the house within 30 seconds after walking through the front door. This also means leaving the home while showings are scheduled. Otherwise, buyers might feel as if they are intruding. They might also find it difficult to imagine the house as their own.


Don’t overprice the houseprice group realtors st pete



In a strong sellers’ market, it’s tempting to add a premium to the asking price. A lower price often communicates a type of urgency or enthusiasm about a home. It’s also crucial to price the home correctly so that it is available in searches for a wide range of buyers. If you list at $760,000, for example, you’re not available on buyer searches whose maximum price is $750,000. A professional realtor can help guide you through the pricing process.


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 Have necessary repairs performed by licensed professionals


Sellers should have competent professionals handle all agreed-upon repairs and should document them with detailed receipts. Don’t get Uncle Bob to come in with duct tape and expect that to be a satisfactory repair. The little bit of money spent for a professional will save a lot of aggravation at the final walk-through and may get you a higher offer.


Hire the right realtor


Choosing the right realtor to market your home is essential. There are many tools and services that are often not utilized by inexperienced agents. Make sure you chose a professional who knows the market, the area, and has the experience to sell your home. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask for referrals. This is an important financial decision and you want a realtor who has your best interests in mind.


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