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The #1 reason to list your home for sale with the us?

We have the buyers


Technology is transforming how Americans buy and sell homes in dramatically unexpected ways, including how they work with real estate agents and brokers. “Your Neighborhood Realtor®” today bears little resemblance to the one you did business with 10 years ago. It is hard to find another industry that has adapted technology so effectively for its customers.

Realtors® have invested a lot of time and money in building information technology, and because of these efforts, more consumers than ever are using the Internet in their home search. No more gas consumptive ‘touring’ of dozens of homes—many of the unsuitable homes can be eliminated through a simple search-and-send e-mail system like the Price Group’s Homefinder system.

No wonder the use of the Internet to search for a home has risen from only 2 percent in 1995 to 77 percent in 2005 and 90% of home buyers now use a real estate agent in their search process.

Buyers now use the Internet in searching for a home and rely on professionals to provide context, negotiate the transaction and help with the paperwork.

When you list your home with the Price Group, Buyers will find your home listed on my site and on many of our partner sites when they are searching for their new home.


Using a Realtor® can make you more money


While unrepresented sellers may be motivated to save on paying a commission, the price difference speaks for itself. Sales records show that the median home price for sellers who use a Realtor® is 16% higher than a home sold directly by an owner ($230,000 vs. $198,200) (There were no significant differences between the types of homes sold).

Real estate professionals know best how to prepare a home and maximize value, and they provide broader exposure to the market and are more likely to generate multiple bids. Productivity begets productivity!


Choosing a Realtor® is like choosing a business partner


A business relationship can get complicated. Based entirely on trust, we have a tendency to go with our gut. Remember you are hiring a professional negotiator! Charm is a fine quality but we urge you to consider the experience of any Realtor® candidate with a professional eye.

price group realtors st pete


Go to their website. Web presence is crucial in a Floridian market where relocation is often key. Ask about what they have listed at this time, have recently sold or contracted for sale. Any professional should be able to show you their proven track record as well as recent referrals from other satisfied clients.


Check out what our clients say about us!


Your Realtor® needs to make you satisfied


You should be presented with a marketing plan designed to sell your property quickly and effectively. You are their best marketing. There are really three sources of new clients and customers for Realtors® like us.

One is to find people cold. That means we don’t know them and they don’t know us. They often find our website or call the Coldwell Banker office.

The second – and much better – source of new clients is referrals from satisfied clients.

The third is relocation and corporate referrals such as we have here at Coldwell Banker. We are the largest Real Estate Corporation in the U.S. and, as such, have the largest network of Sellers, Buyers and qualified Realtors® in the U.S. as well as the network set up between our European affiliates and colleagues.