Moving Schedule

Moving Schedule


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Countdown to Moving Day!

Week #4

  • Call for estimates from 3 professional movers.
  • Draw a floor plan of your new home.
  • Call the Chamber of Commerce in your new town for their “residential informational packet.”

Week #3

  • Inventory all possessions now. Decide what to move, sell, replace or donate.
  • Complete US Postal change of address forms, mail to media, stores, etc.
  • Obtain copies of all medical, dental, legal, accounting, and vet records.
  • Transfer records between schools on both ends of the move.
  • Ask tax advisor to review your potential moving related tax deductions and potential tax liability.
  • Itemize moving related costs with mover, including packaging, loading, special charges, insurance, etc.

Week #2

  • Repair, send out for re-upholstery, or clean furniture, drapes, carpet if needed.
  • Advertise a garage/yard/tag sale to dispose of unneeded furniture, accessories, clothes, etc.
  • If a professional mover is packing your goods, schedule packing days 1 or 2 days before the move.
  • If you move yourself, order adequate boxes, packing material, and tape now.
  • Make travel arrangements for pets, including necessary medical records.

Week #1

  • Assemble sufficient supply of packing materials and equipment.
  • Pack items you won’t use immediately or that will go in storage.
  • Contact utilities on both ends of the move.
  • Confirm final travel arrangements for family and pets.

Closing Day

  • Final walk through- Make sure all items are removed and the home is swept clean prior to buyer’s walk through. Sign “Walk Through” sheet!
  • Go to bank and get certified check.
  • You need to have your driver’s license to closing.
  • Go to title company and close on your new home!