About The Price Group      

About The Price Group      


The Price GroupThe Price Group team is built on a foundation of dedication, sincerity and integrity. With all of our years of experience selling Waterfront, Historic and Downtown St. Petersburg, FL real estate, our continual study of St. Pete’s changing market, along with Coldwell Banker’s tools and amenities, we’ll make sure your next real estate experience is a pleasure.




  Meet David Price

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David’s nickname is “The Negotiator.” Having earned this term of endearment through his keen ability to keep even the most difficult transaction in tact and close, he is often given privy by other agents, see’s property first and has offers chosen over others because of his reputation for being a stand-up agent who gets the job done and is easy to work with. Get to know more about David.



Meet Brad Bess

Brad BessBrad’s philosophy is quite simple yet very effective:  treat others in the same manner you wish to be treated.  When working with Brad, you can be confident and assured that his services will be performed effectively and efficiently with the highest degree of integrity. Get to know more about Brad.




Meet Clay Glover

Real estate is in Clay Glover’s blood, having been raised in the business.  Clay specializes in home site redevelopment, luxury waterfront homes, condominiums, downtown living, and historical renovations. Get to know more about Clay.


Meet James Silver

Following his move across the pond from Britain, James has immersed himself in the world of Real Estate in both a personal and professional capacity. From working with international clients to building his own property portfolio, James knows the industry inside out and has a simple goal; Enabling the people of St Petersburg, FL to achieve their real estate dreams. Get to know more about James.





Meet Chris Avington

Clients rave about his local knowledge, expertise, “easy-going” personality and attention to detail. Chris knows that clients purchasing properties do not want to be “sold” a house, they want to find a home. They want the best information and knowledge so they can make an educated decision about their home purchase. Get to know more about Chris.





Meet Robert Silver

Robert has one clear goal, to ensure that by the end of your time working with him you would describe his involvement as nothing but outstanding.  Robert believes that there are no silly questions, that the more you know, the better equipped you are to make the right choices. Get to know more about Robert.