Find your new home in one of Florida’s most beautiful paradises and take the stress out of your search with help from The Price Group. See the hottest new Florida real estate, including waterfront homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL, as well as exceptional deals, scenic condos, retirement getaways and many more. With a flourishing city, colorful downtown area, hundreds of acres of beachfront and waterfront property and much more, St. Pete offers something for everyone.

With so many opportunities in this growing area, finding the home you’re looking for can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for a waterfront vacation paradise, a quaint suburban family home, a quiet place to retire to, a busy condo in the city or something else, our team of professional realtors will help you find your home. We work with you every step of the way to find homes with your features and specifications and help you close the deal within your budget.

Start looking at gorgeous Florida real estate now to see what St. Petersburg has for you. Contact us to learn more about any home and start making the move to your Florida dream home.

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